About us

Ecotech Engineering Ltd. specializes in developing and implementing environmental projects in the processing of various wastes and pollutants discharged into the air and water of different processes /mining, transportation, handling, packaging, crushing, screening, etc./.


The management team of "ECOTECH ENGINEERING" Ltd is established specialists, giving excellent engineering potential and capability to solve various complex problems.


The main objective of the company as a whole and of each fellow is offering and developing the optimal solution for each individual technical problem faced by our clients.


"ECOTECH ENGINEERING" Ltd is an official representative of DANTHERM FILTRATION A/S, a Danish company operating in the field of delivery, installation and commissioning of dust-removing systems in metallurgy, chemical and cement industries, pharmaceuticals, asphalt bases, etc., for the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia.


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We develop

Detailed development of engineering solutions for design and construction of specialized equipment for processing of raw materials and waste, as well as consulting, design and production of general and local de-dusting installations.


1. Design and construction of dust extraction systems to remove contaminants in process mining, crushing, tearing, separating, screening, hoarseness and other processes in all industries:

  • Asphalt;
  • Cement;
  • Lime and limestone;
  • Wood processing;
  • Casting and production of alloys;
  • Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
  • Tobacco and handling / dust collection and deodorization / and many more


2. Design, construction and supply of lines for sorting, preparation and utilization of solid waste in a different capacity needs.


Clients about us

Clients about us

... We hereby conferm that Ecotech Engineering Ltd. was the supplier of the Aluminium melting furnace equipment under the contract placed under the Japanese Non-Project Grant Aid programme to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.


The contract was completed successfully in July 2004 and Ecotech Engineering Ltd. performed well...


Marijeta Franjic (Grant Manager Japanese Aid Crown Agents)


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+359 88 88 99 252




+359 2 925 12 20



Head office

Sofia, 1407 - BULGARIA

bul. 67, "Cherni Vrah"