Ecotech Engineering focuses its attention on individual solutions to the individual needs of its customers. We combine experience and expertise of the Danish partner Dantherm Filtration.


Whatever the customer's requirements for the management of air quality are, ECOTECH ENGINEERING is ready to respond with advice and professional technical decision regarding the deployment of its products to deliver smart air.


We develop

bullet We combine and apply the experience of experts in the following activities.


bullet Design and construction of systems for purification of process gases from various industries, including air measurements to establish the baseline design.


bullet Before the project survey of pollution sources and technical solution for the capture and recovery.


bullet Analysis and selection of the best options for dedusting installations consistent with customer requirements.


bullet Design and production of substandard performance of cleaning equipment.


bullet Reconstruction of existing dust filters.


bullet Warranty and after sales service of filter systems and other components associated with the installations (sluice gates, screw augers, pulse valves, programmers for regeneration, etc.).


bullet For the preparation of technical proposal please fill our inquiry form.


Clients about us

Clients about us

... The experts from the company "Ecotech Engineering" LTD elaborated the Project for “Installation for the neutralisation of odours emitted during cigarettes production Sofia BT JSC"; they constructed, supplied from famous European manufacturers and installed the necessary equipment with high quality; they commissioned the installation precisely and within the time-limits that were agreed upon...


Executive Director (Sofia BT JSC)


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+359 2 925 12 20




+359 2 925 12 20



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