Dantherm Filtration

Dantherm Filtration is a leading company in giving the right technical decisions in the Scope of Control of Air Pollution for the majority of industries worldwide.


Dantherm Filtration offers a complete range of fully refined products, which virtually covers all requirements in many industries.

  • Asphalt;
  • Cement;
  • Iron-casting, steel manufacturing and engineering;
  • Chemistry and pharmaceutics;
  • Food and brewery industry;
  • Plastic production;
  • Papermaking and paper packaging production;
  • Woodworking industry;
  • Casting and much more.




Since its inception in 1989 HORMESA company specializes in equipment, materials and integrated solutions for non-ferrous metals, mainly aluminum.


Reporting on customer requirements and evolving technology allows Founders offer practical solutions for their production.


Product line for metal foundry


- Gas, oil and electric, stationary and tilting furnaces up to 800kg Al and Cu;

- Melting ovens and mixers with a reflective or two cameras for Al;

- Shaft furnace with a capacity up to 2500kg / h and 6000kg capacity;

- Electric ovens mixers for casting of aluminum alloys pressure;

- Dosing furnaces for aluminum alloys (patent);

- Melting ovens mixers copper alloys;

- Fully equipped systems;

- Pot furnaces - gas, oil and electric, stationary and tilting furnaces up to 800kg Al.



Filbis doo


Filbis doo is a company of the Republic of Macedonia, whose activities cover the following areas:


Energy - A comprehensive analysis of energy structure, development of models for optimization and simulation, manufacturing, distribution, exchange and saving of energy.


Heat - Design and implementation of all heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning for industrial, public and residential buildings.


Electrical - Design and implementation of all electrical installations (electricity sites, facilities and distribution transformers, electric motor power, lighting, automation systems, alarm systems, alarm and security systems).


Hydraulic Engineering - Design and implementation of production systems, processing and distribution of drinking water and process water, capture and sequestration of atmospheric, process and sewage.


Geology - Implementation of the drilling operation in cold and hot groundwater up to 500 m depth.


Gasification - Design and construction of all types of gas plants for technical gases and gases from I, II and III and their application in industrial, public and residential buildings.


Fire Safety - Risk analysis, measures and remedies for all types of industrial, public and residential buildings. Design of stable systems for fire safety.


Chemical Safety Technology - Analysis of the conditions and risks, measures and tools for personal and collective protection.


Ecology - Design and implementation of systems for wastewater treatment. Analysis of air pollution and measures and means to improve the situation. Application of latest technologies to improve environmental performance.