FMS200 Cartridge Filter

FMS200 Cartridge Filter FMS200 Cartridge Filter


Dantherm Filtration Filter FMS200 is available in the range of 1000 to 20,000 m³/ h. High efficiency of Dantherm Filtration, patented under the designation Uniclean®, provides optimal cleaning and prolonged life of the filter cartridge. Dantherm Filtration filter FMS200 is ultra compact. At Home series Dantherm Filtration filters FMS has easily adaptable and interchangeable cartridges. Vertically mounted cartridges avoid layers of dust on the upper part of the filter cartridge, which is prevalent in horizontally mounted cartridges.


Dantherm Filtration compact filters, FM series, usually have a structure made of galvanized sheet metal that provides low investment and low cost of operation and maintenance. These filters have a wide range of additional equipment, such as built-in fans, telescopic structures, maintenance grounds, silencers, rotary valves, etc...